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Bolonia Beach

It is a vast fine golden sand beach. Its active dune, more than 30 metres high and 200 metres wide, was declared a Natural Monument in 2001. It is situated on the Bolonia cove (coastal site of environmental interest) in El Estrecho Nature Reserve, and is one of the most unspoilt and less developed parts of the Cadiz coast, with a high natural value and breathtaking landscape.
Its shallow and crystal-clear waters enable us to go diving in sea beds that are bursting with life.
On the shore, a few metres from our boat, we can find the Baelo Claudia, archaeological site, declared a National Historic Monument. This Roman city was founded in the late 2nd century B.C. and was developed and consolidated thanks to trade with North Africa, with the tuna salting industry and the sauces that come from it (garum). It was plundered by Germanic and Moorish invaders until finally an earthquake destroyed it. However, it is surprisingly well preserved.

It is a unique and unforgettable experience to anchor in this place which is hard to get to, and disembark using the auxiliary boat to visit the dune and the ruins.

This type of trip is highly recommended for families with small children, who will undoubtedly enjoy the experience in a peaceful setting.

From 550 €  VAT included

Price for half a day (4 hours) on the Blackfin 33 boat. Includes boat charter, fuel, crew member and insurance.
Optional: Catering and/or auxiliary boat.

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