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Responsible deep sea fishing


The Strait of Gibraltar is probably the best place in Europe to practise sport fishing. As there is no overfishing by professional fishermen, and thanks to the special geographical and environmental conditions, it is a real magnet for underwater life.

From late spring to early autumn, the most popular species for sport fishermen gather in these waters. Some of them are:
• Bluefin tuna.
• Blue marlin, white marlin and exceptionally, sailfish.
• Dolphin fish .
• Shortfin mako shark.

We consider these species as a valuable natural and touristic resource, so we’ll always give priority to their survival and return to the sea complying with current quotas and legislation.


Cadiz’s Atlantic coast is becoming an increasingly popular international sport fishing spot and attracts more and more fishermen every year from different countries, mainly from Europe. They see the Strait as a chance to fish large species and enjoy many other activities. All of this takes place in a privileged environment, as an affordable option without having to travel far.

• Bluefin tuna: As it is a protected species, it can only be caught between 15 June until the end of the close season (end of July).
• Marlins, dolphinfish, bonito, etc. from the end of July to the end of October.
• Shortfin mako shark: all year round.
• The catches included in annex III of species are subject to differentiated protection should be returned to the sea whenever their survival is guaranteed.
• For the safety of the different cetacean species that will most probably be spotted, the course of the boat shall be changed, the equipment shall be lifted or we could even leave the area when their presence is detected.

From 475 € VAT included.

Price for half a day (4 hours) coastal fishing on the Blackfin 33 boat. Includes boat charter, fuel, fishing equipment, baits, professional fisherman and insurance.
Optional: Catering.

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