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Barbate coast and Sea of Trafalgar

Every year, from the start of spring to the end of summer, one of the most spectacular shows of nature takes place in the waters of south Cadiz.
Giant Atlantic bluefin tunas spend the winter feeding in the cold North Atlantic waters and in March they embark upon a spectacular migration journey covering more than 2,500 miles towards the warm Mediterranean waters to reproduce.

They travel in groups of hundreds and thousands, and come close to the Cadiz coasts, making the most of the strong ocean currents in the Strait of Gibraltar, until they reach their destination. They do not eat during this journey – they are following their instinct, and nothing can stop them...

This fact was known by the Phoenicians, Greeks and Arabs, but it was the Romans who established the largest tuna industry at the time in this area: Baelo Claudia.

Nowadays, century-old fishing techniques are still used, such as the "Almadrabas" I , II.

But there is something more, something that is really impressive and closely connected to ancient civilisations, which has always been there, but was only rediscovered in recent years by the researcher Mario Morcillo.

When spring comes, and with the full moon, groups of killer whales come to the area, very close to the coast, to hunt and feed on these giants of the sea as they enter the Mediterranean through the Strait.

At the start of summer, on their way back towards the Atlantic, hungry because of their reproductive efforts, tunas have to face once again their only two and most feared predators: man and killer whale. The setting changes, as do the fishing/hunting techniques, and they interact in a surprising way...

It is a real show. We invite you to discover the “Almadrabas”, Trafalgar coast, and if we are in luck, we can watch first hand this age-old fight between tunas, men and killer whales.

orca machoWe will explain when, how and why... in an incomparable setting like the Breña Nature Reserve, with 100-metre-high cliffs; Barbate and Zahara de los Atunes Almadrabas; Trafalgar Cape, witness of the famous battle that gave it its name; unspoilt beaches with crystal-clear waters; spectacular marine birds and, of course, the indomitable Strait of Gibraltar.

In recent years we have observed the behaviour of these animals, to the extent that we can guess their moves in order to be in the right place at the right time. Nevertheless, they are still free animals in the wild and therefore unpredictable. We will soon publish the dates which we think will provide the best chances to spot them.

€ 400 VAT included

Price for half a day (4 hours) on the Blackfin 33 boat. Includes boat charter, fuel, crew member and insurance.
Optional: Catering and/or auxiliary boat.

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